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In this post you will learn how to fold an origami swan in 9 easy steps. This guide is ideal for children and beginners.

Origami swan fold 01First, fold the paper diagonally in half and then unfold it again.

Origami swan fold 02In the second step, fold the left, adjacent folds towards the middle fold.

Origami swan fold 03Turn your origami swan over to the other side.

Origami swan fold 04Now take the top and bottom edges of the left side and fold them into the middle fold.

Folding Origami Swan 05Now bend the left tip so that it aligns with the right corner.

Folding Origami Swan 06Now fold part of the left tip back along the marking.

Folding origami swan 07Fold your origami swan backwards.

Folding Origami Swan 08Now pull your neck up.

Folding Origami Swan 09The final step is to straighten your beak.

Origami swan folding finishedCongratulations, your origami swan is now finished!

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