Langstrecken Gleiter

Einen Langstrecken Gleiter falten - Papierflieger falten - Papierflugzeug basteln

In this article I will show you a very simple way to fold a long-distance glider. This paper airplane has extremely large wings and a quite small fuselage. Thanks to its structure, this paper airplane glides slowly and, above all, far through the air. The extra large winglets give this aircraft even more stability for straight flight.




Fold a paper airplane
For the long-distance glider, use A4 paper and fold it in half.


Paper airplane jet - step 2
In the next step you have to unfold the paper again and then fold the left corners into the middle fold. Then fold the folded tip over.


Once the tip is now folded over, you can fold the left corners again to form the middle fold.


Fold paper airplanes - make long-distance gliders
Your long-distance glider should now resemble the one above. Now you have to take the left tip and fold it up to the former left corners.


Fold paper airplane gliders
The long-distance glider is slowly taking shape. Now fold both halves of the paper airplane together.


Fold gliders - make paper airplanes - step 6
The paper airplane glider is now only missing the wings. To do this, bend the wings to the other side. Leave an edge of about 1.5 centimeters as a grip area.


Fold the wings of the paper airplane
The first wing is now folded. Now repeat this step with the other side of the glider.


Folding the wings of the paper airplane - instructions
The paper airplane is almost finished. The winglets of the long-distance glider are still missing. Bend the outer sides of the wings starting at about a centimeter.


Fold the winglets of the paper airplane glider
When both sides are bent over, your plane is ready to take off. It is important that you let the winglets protrude at a 90 degree angle to the wing.

If you are looking for another glider, you can find it here: fold another glider »


Folding a paper airplane glider - folding a paper airplane - long-distance glider instructions
Your long-distance glider is now ready!
Comment how far you flew!
Have fun flying!


Tips and Tricks:

If you’ve flown your glider a few times and you’re starting to get tired of it, give the plane some cool upgrades. Take a pair of scissors and make two small cuts in the middle of each wing, two centimeters apart. So you have now given your glider a rudder. If you fold the flaps up, your paper airplane will now fly up. If you fold the flaps down, the plane will sink.

It gets even cooler if you fold one flap up and the other flap down. Your plane then starts to spin in the air and does a roll.

Have fun trying out the tips and tricks and have fun flying. Under the “Paper airplanes” category you will find many more paper airplanes that you will like. Definitely take a look there!



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